Attraction Marketing Tip: Connect with Customers Soul-to-Soul

Posted by  Law of Attraction coach for small business

In our attraction-based  universe, everything responds to the power of attraction, including our marketing. 

While many spiritual entrepreneurs label marketing as “manipulative,” “pushy,” or “offensive,” the core energy of marketing is really: connection.

 We forget that connecting people was the primary function of the marketplaces, or bazaars, that arose in ancient civilizations and continue today, for example in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. 

Ancient marketplaces enabled buyers and sellers to meet and make exchanges for mutual benefit. That’s exactly what still happens today through marketing, whether it’s done at a networking meeting, through a referral or online.

As a marketer aware of the Law of Attraction, you have the benefit of knowing that you have a soul connection to the prospects and customers you attract. It’s the soul connection that draws you to each other – for mutual benefit.

But, even knowing this, you may still dislike marketing. Continue Reading »

Spiritual Entrepreneur: 5 Signs Your Success Is “Meant to Be”

Posted by  Law of Attraction coach for small business

During my recent discussions with spiritual entrepreneurs about coaching, I had a realization. Nearly everyone wants reassurance that their business – whether in start-up phase or many years later – has the “stamp of approval” from the universe.

“Am I really meant to do this – and can it really succeed the way I hope it will?” Read on for the answer to these vital questions.

The questions usually come up because of a nagging concern: not enough clients, too many energy-sapping clients, fear that the business is too unique or spiritually advanced to appeal to enough paying customers, old beliefs about wealth being anti-spiritual, feeling held back because of living in the wrong location, regret about choosing the wrong target audience, extreme dislike of/dread of marketing and sales – and so on!

These concerns usually triggered chronic self-doubt, lack of confidence, and sometimes even a “core belief” around lack of self-worth (“Others can create a successful business they love but not me…”).

The way many spiritual entrepreneurs deal with self-doubt and lack of confidence is to go into avoidance – though it is often cleverly disguised. Avoidance shows up as:

I need to do more inner work on my fears first; then everything in my business will be easy every minute. Or: I should get another certification or training, then I’ll be ready. Or: If I just focus on feeling good, I can sit home reading People magazine and munching potato chips and the universe will bring me all the clients and income I want!

Avoidance keeps you exactly where you have always been regarding your business.

If you’re sincerely ready to create a thriving business you love, here’s the requirement: you must find a way to get beyond your mind’s habitual patterns of self-doubt, lack of confidence, and avoidance of trusting your true creative nature.

For those of you aware of your tendencies to doubt and lose faith – and more than ready to release them now -  here are 5 signs your business is 100% supported by the universe. If you relate to at least three of these signs, please keep going because the universe is on your side!

Sign #1: You felt inspired to create your business. In other words: you didn’t just do some research and pick a business you thought you could make money at. You actually felt, in your heart, a welling up of undeniable desire to offer this specific work to the world.

Why this matters: initial inspiration – even if you haven’t felt any lately – tells you the idea for your business came to you from Source energy flowing to you through your heart. You can’t mentally will yourself to feel inspired when you don’t feel it. Your wired to feel inspiration spontaneously flowing through your heart, and when you do you can know it comes from spirit.

Sign #2: Your core business idea arose from your own life experience. Have you overcome a huge personal or professional challenge and felt a desire to help others avoid suffering and get through the same challenge more easily – or avoid it altogether? Continue Reading »

The Heart and Soul of Marketing for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Posted by  Law of Attraction coach for small business success

When I was employed as a product marketing manager for a computer corporation in the early 1990s, there was no concept of “the heart and soul of marketing.” The sole function of marketing was to act as the corporation’s channel to inform the public about our products.

Marketing as an information channel was as evolved as marketing got.

But in 2007, when I decided to jump the consulting ship completely and work full-time with spiritual entrepreneurs as a Law of Attraction marketing coach, my understanding of marketing burst wide open: it became way deeper and more fundamental to my life as a spiritual entrepreneur than I ever expected.

Without a heart and a soul, marketing was a lifeless shell created by the intellect, a left-brain faculty that primarily functions to recycle thoughts from our past into our futures, whether those thoughts serve us now or not. You might create clever marketing copy, but the inner energy of your marketing would never transcend your habitual thought patterns.

With a heart and soul, marketing became my spiritual guide and business became my evolutionary path.

What does the heart and soul of marketing look like? Continue Reading »

Renew Your Business with Vortex Coaching this Spring

Posted by  Law of Attraction coach for small business success

Today, the first day of spring, I can finally feel my business energy renewing itself. It’s been a crazy 7 weeks — with my Law of Attraction coaching business almost completely on hold.

On January 31 I slipped on black ice in a parking lot and fractured my right wrist. Surgery happened on February 10, and since then life has focused on pain relief, hand therapy, rest, appreciation of the kindness of others… and surrender.

I experienced moments of fear too. My marketing plans for February were not going to materialize… and the income I planned to attract would clearly not be showing up either.  There was nothing I could physically do to change that.

But something changed anyway. Continue Reading »

Spiritual Entrepreneur: Unconscious Blocks to Success? Maybe Not!

Posted by  Law of Attraction coach for small business success

I know, it feels like you have unconscious blocks to success. So you keep looking for clues to the underlying cause.

Are you over-analyzing you "blocks to success"?

How else would you explain the struggle for financial abundance? (Or maybe you are financially successful – but you constantly worry about losing it.)

But what if unconscious blocks aren’t the cause of your struggle? So many spiritual entrepreneurs I speak with complain of these blocks – and I understand they feel completely real.

Except that: they’re not.

Sure, you may block the receiving of what you desire. But there’s nothing unconscious about it.

It’s so dis-empowering to feel we’re somehow held back by blocks we don’t even know we have. How are we supposed to transform what we can’t even identify?

Would a loving universe really stick us with a set up like that? I say no.

What if you had a clear and conscious formula for identifying your blocks and releasing them?

That’s exactly what you will receive on Wednesday’s free teleclass 2014: Living in Cash Abundance.

My vision for 2014 is plain and simple: to support more spiritual entrepreneurs in creating cash abundance.  We want it, we deserve it, we were meant to have it, and the time is now!

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